Investing in the future of neurodiversity through the inclusion of an entire community

At the Center for Neurodiversity, we believe that too much time has been dedicated to trying to make the neurodiverse community “typical”. Rather than trying to eliminate “weaknesses” our programming builds on each individual’s strengths while teaching healthy ways to handle challenges. We work directly with students, and their families, to understand and delve deep into their unique experiences and individual talents to help each student identify their lifelong passions. At the Center for Neurodiversity our students are our collaborators, valued for their strengths and the unique contributions that they can each make to society.

Students will be given the opportunity to try a range of experiential classes and innovative explorations for discovering career directions during their first year, while In their second year, these same students will have the opportunity to select and master one skill set of their choosing that could enable future job placement.
Programming at the Center is unique as it is designed with the whole person in mind. Grounded in the World Health Organization’s ten essential life skills, our programs are rich in experiential learning opportunities. This allows participants to learn and practice these skills in inclusive, interactive classes, workshops, field trips, volunteer-ships, and live tutorials through topics and programs related to their strengths and passions. Both onsite and in the community individuals will be given many opportunities to develop the skills required to lead fulfilling and productive lives.

In our current programs, and our future ones as well, individuals participating will have the chance, and the choice, to learn and practice the life skills that challenge them, while doing so in inclusive, interactive, experientially designed classes, workshops, field trips, volunteer-ships, and live tutorials in the program that motivates them. By capitalizing on their strengths and enthusiasms, individuals in our programming will be enveloped by a variety of learning options, both onsite and out in the community, for learning the essential life skills key to living a successful, fulfilling, and productive adult life.

All of our programs adhere to this model, creatively teaching each skill set in their own unique way. Whether in the classroom or out in our community, the opportunities provided by our programs encourage real-time practice, experiential learning, and social engagement while building on the strengths and enthusiasms of our participants.

Creating Functional Independence Takes Opportunity, Practice and Community


INCLUSIVITY is what drives our STRENGTHS-based COMMUNITY rich programming


The programs at the Center for Neurodiversity are organically built for the neurodivergent with the input of the neurodivergent and the community at large. The Center will offer unique, strengths and passions-based programming which will aim to find and build upon students’ interests and competencies. Through direct, hands-on teaching and learning, our goal is to give students the skills needed to enjoy fuller, richer lives and to provide each of them a pathway to long-term success and self-determination.


The Center’s programming is offered  to individuals 16 and up, while our programs are meant  to evolve with our students through the various stages of their lives. The programs at the Center for Neurodiversity are customized to each individual’s developmental needs.