Elaine Hall

The Miracle Project

‘Coach E!’ referenced by the New York Times as the “Child Whisperer,” is a pioneer in using inclusive theater, film, music and movement to bring out the best in individuals of all abilities. She has worked as an on-set acting coach for Walt Disney Studios, Universal Pictures, Nickelodeon, as well as being the star of the Emmy Award winning HBO documentary, AUTISM: The Musical based on her groundbreaking theater program, The Miracle Project. The United Nations selected her memoir, Now I See the Moon, for World Autism Awareness Day; her second book, Seven Keys to Unlock Autism is used as textbook at Brown University. Elaine has been featured on CNN, CBS News, Oprah Winfrey Network, NPR, in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and in numerous other media outlets. Her students, once too shy and withdrawn to walk into a room of their peers, have now found their voice, developed their talents, made friendships and become part of a creative, dynamic community. Some have performed live in front of thousands, held guest-starring roles in TV and film, and have even appeared on stage with Jack Black, Stephen Stills, and Neil Young. Her son, who is non-verbal, is a semi-professional model, works in an organic garden and has ‘spoken’ via IPad at the United Nations. Elaine has also been a featured speaker at the U.N. Her evidence-based methods are replicable and are being requested internationally where she offers coaching, keynote speeches, on-line classes, workshops and trainings. She is excited to learn from and join other thought-leaders at Center for Neurodiversity.