Val Paradiz, PhD

Valerie Paradiz, LLC / Autistic Global Initiative

Valerie Paradiz, PhD is the director of Valerie Paradiz, LLC, a consultancy that provides technical assistance and strategic development to schools, universities, corporations and agencies that support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Dr. Paradiz is a national board member of Autism Speaks, where she also serves as chair of the Family Services Committee. In a part-time capacity, she is Executive Director of the Autistic Global Initiative (AGI). Dr. Paradiz is also the developer of the 2010 International Book Award finalist in education, Integrated Self-Advocacy ISA®. 2016 publications include chapters in two books from Jessica Kingsley Publishers: Autism and Learning Difference: An Active Learning Teaching Toolkit and The Challenge and Promise of Autism Spectrum Disorders in Mid and Later Life. Valerie offers workshops, consulting, professional development and comprehensive program development to schools, agencies, universities and corporations. She also provides consulting services and specialized content development to non-profit organizations and corporations that are committed to supporting families of individuals with disabilities or to diversifying their workforce by employing people with disabilities.