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Academic Programs

  1. Development of RCI accredited programs in Rehabilitation Psychology (MPhil in Rehabilitation Psychology), and Bachelor of Education in Special Education.

  2. Educational Psychology, Psychology,

  3. International QABA certified program on Applied Behavioral Analysis

Training Programs

a.) High quality, supervised practica and internships will be offered for students attending Christ University as well as other institutions. At Christ University, this includes students in clinical, rehabilitation and educational psychology, education, and social work programs.  Students will have a unique opportunity to learn and implement evidence-based practices in their respective fields in specialized settings, including the training clinic and Christ Special School . Students also benefit from an interprofessional focus in the approach to supporting neurodiverse individuals and their families. This is currently offered to students at the graduate level, however, future opportunities for supervised practicum for undergraduate students and post-doctoral fellows will also be developed.


b.) Implementation of pyramidal model between Binghamton University, Christ University and Christ  Special School to improve staff/parent-child communication * This model allows for the continuous contact with recent developments in evidence-based practices and the adaptation and development of new supports to improve training of both caregivers and staff in applied settings.

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