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Clinical Services

a.) Diagnostic assessments - Assessments will help for early identification of neurodiverse conditions, diagnostic assessments for neurodiverse conditions and  behavioral analysis. These are essentials to provide early intervention for children with neurodiversity.

b.) Educational Support- Functional educational assessment and remedial training.

c.) Counseling and therapy- Interventions such as applied behavior analysis, art and play therapy, technology based intervention, therapy for co-occurring conditions (anxiety, depression, etc.), and social skills groups across the lifespan

d.) Family support and education-   Parental counseling, psychoeducation and training, sibling support groups, and case management services


Outreach services

  1. Job coaching and employment services

  2. Assessment camps

  3. Autism screenings to facilitate early identification

  4. Host inclusive community events to increase awareness and acceptance

  5. Online workshops, trainings and webinars*

  6. Caregiver and provider trainings and workshops*



Provide expert consultancy to special schools, mainstream schools, institutions of higher  education and organizations.

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